Restructuring the Tridion Blueprinting and Content Demotion

The recent improvements(DXA, Headless etc.), content modeling demands, and more aggressive content changes requirements; triggers a change in existing Tridion blueprinting hierarchy from the traditional, wide, isolated architecture to a lean, interchangeable, and less site/publication dependent.

After completing two such blueprinting transformation, we come across a bit next level changes – which clearly looks looks implemented earlier without any brain storm – Every content was created in 020 Global Master for all websites/verticals where not a single content is shared across the websites/vertical – This creates a huge confusion for content author as well as quite error prone for content authors (mostly System Admins) who ended up updating a wrong content breaking functionalities on another site unexpectedly.

A solution was proposed to minimize the number of publications by reducing the various levels of publication vertically and expanding it horizontally by demoting the content from 020 Global Master to individual Site Masters.

The main challenge in this task is doing a massive number of demote of already published components and categories as well as a number of localized version of items in child publications.

Moreover, since there is a hierarchy of folders, we can not simply choose the root folder and start demoting as the demote has to be start from the leaf of content tree – so apparently, have to traverse all folders and demote them individually – a big limitation of existing demote process. Refer the below capture from  SDL Tridion Docs:


Following are few learning we have while performing this big overhaul of Content restructuring and appropriate measures must have been consider while doing demote:

  1. Whenever demoting the content – the custom permissions and security applied will be vanished and only inherited permissions will be applied.
  2. Demoting the content will delete all previous/old version of the item
  3. The demote of an item will not work if:
    • It has been published from a publication which is not a child of the publication to which the content is demoted
    • It has been in use in any way (component link, RTF field link etc.) by another item in a publication which is not a child of the publication to which the content is demoted
    • It has been localized in a publication which is up in blueprinting hierarchy from the publication to which the content is demoted
    • The item is checked-out
  4. You can not choose folder to demote all its content
  5. Despite of all measures, there are good chance of scenario which restrict the demotion process – for example: cyclic reference of components through component link

I will be discussing in subsequent post about how we dealt with above scenario to have a rather smooth demotion of huge number of Tridion items for multiple websites without a zero down time. Stay Tuned!

Director at Content Bloom India having 15+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle using AGILE, Iterative and RUP approaches. Experience in following: - CMS packages: SDL Tridion, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentico, and Alfresco - Search Engines: SOLR, AWS Cloud Search, Elastic Search - .NET Technologies: .NET & .NET CE Framework, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WinForms - Mobile Development: Android Native App, Windows Mobile App - Database: MS-SQL Server, MySQL - Program Management: JIRA, MS-Project, Trello - Design Tools: MS-Visio, StarUML - Infrastructure: Linux, Windows Server, AWS Have decent knowledge about Core Java, Spring MVC Instrumental in Application Architecture, Designing (HLD & LLD), Coding and deployment .NET applications (Web, Desktop, Mobile). Experience in following domain: - Digital Media & eCommerce - Travel & Hospitality - Aviation Industry - Education - Insurance - Automation - Automobile - Railways Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing

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