Upgrade to DD4T 2.0 – Content Manager (CM)

Upgrading the Content Manager side with DD4T 2.0 is relatively simple as compared with the Content Delivery side. Typical steps you would be following are mentioned as below:

Approach 1:

  1. Download the Template installer from HERE
  2. Execute the following batch file from the downloaded template installer and follow the instructions:
  3. Ensure the batch file gets executed successfully and DD4T 2.0 TBBs and Schema got created in the folder specified while executing the script above
  4. Now, each and every Component Templates (CT) and Page Template (PT) must be changed to reference these new DD4T  as well as require migration of any metadata values from the older TBB to the new TBB
  5. You will also need to remove the reference to the Publish Binary in Component and Publish Binary in Page TBBs from your templates
  6. You can now choose to publish the Components/Pages with these updated templates

Approach 2:

  1. Follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 above for a temporary or dev CMS system and ensure the WebDav Path of the folder specified is the same as the existing older DD4T TBBs in the target CMS system
  2. Create a Content Porter export package of each item in this folder
  3. You will also need to remove the reference to the Publish Binary in Component and Publish Binary in Page TBBs from your CTs and PTs
  4. Import the CP Package in the target CMS system
  5. Caution: this may override the Metadata values specified in the older TBBs

Points to note:

  • The new Templates will generate the rendered output in JSON format and if you are using a custom TBB which might be using the older XML format “output” and parsing it, will throw an exception and you need to update your custom TBBs to accept and work with JSON format
  • If this is too much of work for specific templates to change the TBBs to accept the XML to JSON – there is small hack can be done for those specific templates to still generate the output in XML format – I will post a separate blog post with step by step guide to do this – Stay Tuned!!

Director at Content Bloom India having 12+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle using AGILE, Iterative and RUP approaches. Experience in following: - CMS packages: SDL Tridion, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentico, and Alfresco - Search Engines: SOLR, AWS Cloud Search, Elastic Search - .NET Technologies: .NET & .NET CE Framework, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WinForms - Mobile Development: Android Native App, Windows Mobile App - Database: MS-SQL Server, MySQL - Program Management: JIRA, MS-Project, Trello - Design Tools: MS-Visio, StarUML - Infrastructure: Linux, Windows Server, AWS Have decent knowledge about Core Java, Spring MVC Instrumental in Application Architecture, Designing (HLD & LLD), Coding and deployment .NET applications (Web, Desktop, Mobile). Experience in following domain: - Digital Media & eCommerce - Travel & Hospitality - Aviation Industry - Education - Insurance - Automation - Automobile - Railways Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing

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