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Publishing Process – Dealing with Large Transport Package

This is a common scenario that we publishing a big bunch of publishable items from SDL Tridion (regardless of the version) or a big item where the resulting Publishing package being created is too big in size. The default package size

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Bookmarklet and the Bookmarklet Challenge

What is a Bookmarklet As per the Wikipedia a bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains java script commands to extend the browser’s functionality. Bookmarklets are unobtrusive scripts stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. So

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Tridion Bookmarklet Challenge – Entry 2 – Localize an Item

My Second Entry to the Bookmarklet Challenge is to Localize an item in SDL Tridion. Currently, to localize an item we need to right click the desired item and choose the “Localize” option at the second level of the Navigation.

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Tridion Bookmarklet Challenge – Entry 1 – File Info of a multimedia component

My First Entry to Bookmarklet Challenge is to find the File Name and File Size of a file uploaded in Tridion as a Multimedia File. Currently when try to get details of a file being uploaded in a multimedia file

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Website Forms, Tridion and managing their data post submitting – PART 2

In the PART 1, we have seen the basic approach for persistent storing of Form data after submission. In this article we will see the approach implementation. Technology Selection: Since we cannot really create a Relational approach in the Form

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Website Forms, SDL Tridion and managing their data post submitting – PART 1

When we consider a website of an organization – big or small – there is always a requirement of a variety of forms (single and multistep) like Contact Us, Registration, Subscription to Interests/News/Promotions etc. If we further get into specific

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Constructing a Web Page in SDL Tridion

Below diagram illustrate the process of constructing a web page: The process is defined as below: From the PSD and Wireframes create corresponding HTMLs Analyze the Wireframes and HTMLs and construct the corresponding Content Model (ref: Content Modeling in SDL Tridion) Based

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An Introduction to SDL Tridion

A brief about SDL Tridion is as below: SDL Tridion is an Enterprise Level Web Content Management System Developed by U.K based Tridion International, which later overtaken by U.K based SDL Inc. in 2007 One of the most expensive Web

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Content Management System – What, Why, Who & How?

WHAT is Content Management System (CMS) A Content Management System (CMS) is any computer program which manages the content of a website or an enterprise.Here content could refer to text, images, video, documents, digital copy of print media etc. A CMS

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SDL Fredhopper and Smart Target

SDL FREDHOPPER: SDL Fredhopper is a Customer Experience Management tool which provides a seamless, targeted and fully personalized website experience to the end users. The SDL Fredhopper enables the marketing team to target a specific segment of customer with all the

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