Upgrade Strategies – Content Delivery First

Disclaimer: This is not a recommended approach to perform an upgrade. The SDL recommendation is to do Content Manager First. 

In this approach, the Content Delivery module along with the application will be upgrade first to the latest version while keeping the Content Manager and other add-ons intact.

The old Content Manager then publish to the new, updated Content Delivery.

The below sequence of diagram illustrates the Five Steps approach:











  • Additional efforts for setting up the Publishing Target and Topology Manager both
  • Risk of failures and down-times
  • Repeated quality analysis
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SDL Tridion – Upgrade Strategies

SDL has released the latest version of their WCMS – SDL Tridion Sites 9 – and with this many of the existing customers eagerly waiting for its launch, will look forward to upgrade their existing Tridion implementations. This blog series will list various aspects of the Upgrade from an earlier version of SDL Tridion to a newer version.

Why there is a need to upgrade

The first question that might comes in the mind; why should I upgrade? or what are the advantages of upgrade to the newer version?

I list down following advantages that I can see after upgrade to newer version:

  1. Low total cost of ownership
  2. High return on investments
  3. More flexibility and manageability
  4. Easier development
  5. Advanced technologies
  6. Enhanced support

Below diagram shows this in a snapshot:


Typical Upgrade Process

An upgrade process may differ from business to business and environment to environment; however, a typical upgrade process listing essential elements is described as below:

upgrade process

Upgrade Strategies

There could be different scenario and strategies for taking care of an SDL Tridion upgrade; the most common strategies are listed as below:

  1. Content Delivery First
  2. Content Manager First
  3. Parallel Upgrade

I will be describing them in individual blogs, stay tuned…

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SDL Tridion DX and Content Mashup

The release of SDL Tridion DX suites allows integration of SDL Tridion Sites 9 with SDL Tridion Docs and felicitate “Content Mashup” i.e. fetching content together from both the product and display it on the same web page.

In this Content Mashup, content authors creates and manage the content in the Content Manager of both the products, but publish it to a single Content Delivery environment, from which the content published from SDL Tridion Docs as well as content published from SDL Tridion Sites can be fetched and display on the web page.

Read More at here: SDL Tridion DX and Content Mashup

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Image Editing in SDL Tridion Sites 9

SDL Tridion Sites 9 introduces basic image editing options for images in multimedia components built-in.

Following are few details:

  • You can use the CME or XPM to edit images.
  • You can only edit images with *.JPG or *.PNG extensions.
  • You can perform following image editing actions:
    • Cropping
    • Flipping
    • Rotating
    • Resizing
  • You can undo or redo at most 10 edit actions

Read more at here: Image Editing in SDL Tridion Sites 9

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Top 20 New Features Introduced in SDL Tridion Sites 9

SDL has recently launched the much-awaited version of their flagship web content management system – SDL Tridion Sites 9 – as part of their SDL Tridion DX suite. SDL Tridion Sites is a scalable enterprise-wide web content management system that provides unparalleled multilingual, omni-channel and multi-brand capabilities.

SDL Tridion Sites 9 offers interoperability with the broader digital experience ecosystem through robust open APIs and connectors.

SDL Tridion Sites 9 combines web content management with personalization, targeting, testing, and localization for high impact digital experiences.

SDL Tridion Sites comes with few exciting new features – below is a snapshot of top 20 new features introduced in SDL Tridion Site 9:

  1. Content Mashup: SDL Tridion Sites 9 can be integrated with SDL Tridion Docs to fetch content from both products together on the same webpage.

Read More at here: SDL Tridion Sites 9 New Features

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Install and Setup SDL Tridion Sites 9 on Windows 10

This blog covers (and uncover) simplified steps needed to setup SDL Tridion Sites 9 on a Windows 10 laptop [while it may work, it will not be supported in any way by SDL – So do it at your own risk.]

Below are the steps to setup SDL Tridion Sites 9 (CM, CD, Topology Manager etc.) all on one single machine with Windows 10 OS and using MS SQL Server installed on the same machine.

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Published Summary Alchemy Plug-In – Part II

The “Published Summary” alchemy plug-in is currently in process of review for publish to Alchemy Webstore and so will soon be made available to the general public via the webstore.

If you are really inclined to use it before it would appear on the Webstore, you can download it from the git hub repository and drag/drop to your alchemy interface in the CME.

Below are some general information about the plug-in:

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